Ruby Rose Zebra Full Mesh Hooded Rug

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Are you tired of constantly swatting away pesky flies during those hot summer days? If so, we have the solution for you: the Ruby Rose Zebra Full Mesh Hooded Rug

Studies have shown that dressing your horse in zebra-patterned rugs can help deter flies. Yes, you heard that right;the zebra stripes actually confuse the flies and make them steer clear of your horse.


But the benefits don’t stop there. This Hooded Full Mesh Combo is crafted from 270gsm material, ensuring maximum breathibility and comfort for your equine friend. The adjustable belly straps and adjustable and removable leg straps provide a secure fit, while the two buckle closures at the chest and three buckle closures at the neck easy on and off.


The Ruby Rose Zebra Full Mesh Hooded Rug also features a tent tail flap to keep your horses behind dry and clean, and satin in the shoulders and wither to prevent rubbing.


So, if you want to keep your horse comfortable and fly-free this summer, the Ruby Rose Zebra Full Mesh Hooded Rug is the way to go. Your horse will love the cool, breathable material and you’ll love that flies are no longer a problem.


5'6, 5'9, 6'0, 6'3, 6'6, 6'9, 7'0


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