Horse Rainsheets

These lightweight waterproof jackets, also known as rainsheets, are designed to keep your horse dry and comfortable, no matter the weather. Whether you’re dealing with rain, snow, frost, or dew, the 100% waterproof and cotton-lined material ensures that your horse stays dry and cozy.

But that’s not all. The Ruby Rose Rainsheets have no fill, which means they won’t weigh your horse down or make them too warm. Instead, they serve as a simple barrier between your horse and the elements, providing maximum protection without sacrificing comfort.

Rainsheets are essential for almost all year-round use, as they help keep horses dry, clean, and protect against skin issues like rain scald. Plus, they offer protection against the wind, which can be just as damaging as moisture.

So, don’t let the weather rain on your horse’s parade. Get them a Ruby Rose Rainsheet and watch them stay dry, comfortable, and healthy all year long.