Caring for your Horse Rugs

Ruby Rose Ripstock Combo Rug

Horse Rug Maintenance

Even horse rugs of the highest quality will be subject to wear and tear and a good rug repairer can help extend the life of your rugs
However for this to happen it is imperative that, at the first signs of damage (cuts, tears and fraying stitching) the rug is removed from the horse and repaired before the damaged area goes from nick to large tear.

Leg straps wear and tear is extremely common and all Ruby Rose Horse Rugs have removable leg straps and replacement leg straps can be purchased.

It’s a good idea to keep a spare set of leg straps handy so a broken strap does not mean the end of a rug and the rug is able to be used again immediately

Correct storing of your rug between seasons is also a great way to ensure your rugs longevity.

  • Look over your rugs for any sign of damage- fix where necessary
  • Check all leg strap, chest straps etc for damage- have repaired where necessary
  • Clean rug- bruch off dirt and hair

If washing- always follow the manufacturers instructions

  • Re-waterproof your canvas rugs
  • Make sure everything is dry before storing rugs in a airtight container. This way the rats and mice cannot get to them

Why Does My Horse Need Summer Rugs?

Protection from insects

In some areas of Australia, biting insects can cause a real problem to our horses.

This is a common reason to rug a horse during warmer months.

The type of rug required for insect protection depends on the horse and the insects involved.
A sensitive horse that is under attack from Sand Flies, would require a rug that offers complete block out, such as cotton rip stop
For horses that are less sensitive, a fly mesh rug is an excellent option.
These rugs will keep larger insects from biting and still allow better airflow from the heavier cotton rug

Protection from Coat Bleaching

Coat Bleaching leaves the horses hair lighter, duller and rough to touch

If you are concerned about the appearance of your horse or competing over summer, a summer rug can help prevent coat bleaching. A cotton rug or fly mesh is the best choice to prevent bleaching, as they will keep the sun off while still allowing airflow